Friday, September 19, 2014

Something SMART [conspiratorial-good] on blogspot

I'm always looking for signs of social engineering, and intelligence.
Sometimes I get them wrong, and think the opposite - it's very open to interpretation, and your social class and money sit has a lot to do with it.
When I think of google, I usually say good things - although it's completely true that they're in a dif world than me.
I just discovered something very ODD - which leads me to believe it is a sign of intelligence and secret soc. by blogspot.
It's about the line spacing of my blog posts: posts with times with 4 digits (ex: 12:54) versus 3 digits (ex: 9:31) move the "edit post" and "email post" buttons around. But if it the middle segment were just a little bit wider, it wouldn't do that.
Also: about my blog post. There's something "weird" about my visit count. Blogspot says I get somewhere between 8-20 visits a day - but that's 100% impossible. I have never received any comments. There is some serious, major engineering and censorship of the internet - almost like GOD/TIME created it; it's not good for me.
In contradiction: when I post a specific blog post on a forum, or send it to people, my post count goes way up, but there are never any comments. Also: I have checked on proxies and many other services: my blog is accessible. While it's also true that "the internet isn't real - I once found a local church that had a bold and short name, and it implied it was the only church in America with that name - which is 100X impossible." But my blog is accessible on proxies. Maybe the truth is: The internet is proof of TIME - super, super intelligence.

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