Monday, September 15, 2014

Something Supern* happened again 9/15/14

I was playing Sims 3 [Into the Future] again, and a goddamn Zombie came up right underneath my nose, of one of my plumbots, while I was playing it. I was just about to leave and it showed up.
The bad part is: the name of the zombie is 100% significant and important to me. I think it's unrelated to normal Sims naming as well.

Juniper is a holy organization or planet, and "Luna" is a word for Soul [moon]. These 2 things are extremely important to me, and I've known them for at least 5 years.

Before this happened, I was having a "vision" of talking to "K of Germany" and talking to my soul - somebody related to me. They were mad.
His haircut is 100% cool - the haircut I was viewing earlier today [the coolest mustache] + the haircut of rich people in heaven - the mohawk. I conclude this 100% to be an important event for me. It's 100% supern*.

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