Wednesday, September 10, 2014

Something weird about trains and their blaring horns

I think there's something weird about trains and their horns [blaring sounds]. [For love]

I have strong opinions about trains - mostly that they're completely out of control, and that the train conductors are deaf and stupid. I also know that train tracks are very, very complicated and demanding, and there's a lot of politics and force involved with it.

As for me and trains - I really hate hearing them. I've heard them [blaring] at 12 feet away, and I've heard them blaring from 5 miles away - there's something weird. I think something supern*, that proves my college education of science cannot explain to me.
I actually think the noise difference between 12 feet and 5m is not so much different - to the human ear, there is a "magick effect" that allows us to be disturbed by it, even when we're very, very far away. As for 12 feet away - the person hearing it should be deaf and dead.
It's supern*.

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