Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Spider trauma

My roommate [the old man, not the homo] just "slammed me" when talking to me about the kitchen sink, and dumping noodles down it. There were 5 noodles not in the drain.
He talked aggressively [like a peasant without a soul] and insultingly, and threateningly.
I protected myself and took it - but it's obvious the man is dead - he can't sense or smell me at all.

And then - much worse, he said "would you like some corn" [no, but acceptable]
"Would you like some onions?" [NEVER, I'm allergic]
"Would you like some spiders?" [NEVER, I hate them]
Just yesterday, I saw a spider on the ceiling outside and I asked him to kill it, and he gave me 4 excuses why he couldn't. I found his latest remark very offensive.

I think he's gone. There's not a single person left in this house that I care for.

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