Sunday, September 28, 2014

The Starship Enterprise

In my head, I had a "vision" of TIME
I was in the ST Enterprise [D], and I was talking with Capt. Picard.
He is a symbolic head - THE GENE of the Enterprise of America.

And he did traumatize me, and very much disrespect me. He played a "gene war" game with me, which left me immune and trauma, and I died. Soul people have "lots of grievances" with cell-body-mind people, who we perceive to be unintelligent and unsentient.
And then I did something smart, from "hindu literature:" "I squeeked like a bird" and he was traumatized and confused and smart, so he let me go.
So my life was saved, because of my eye [for trouble], and I lived because I am actually a genius, and know the truth. I defeated Capt. Picard, the symbol of American enterprise [genes, and comaraderie, and cell-life], and guaranteed my right to live in the USA - because my soul is gene and not FIN.

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