Thursday, September 18, 2014

Conspiracy: lack of good pron

There's something really wrong with Empornium. Conspiracy.

I saw a pop-up ad for nipple porn, and it awoke in me a fetish - and I remembered that nipples are very important. Not least of all - they may actually be 60% as popular as breasts! -And breast love is enormous.

1: When I looked on Empornium [my fav. porn torrent tracker], I saw categories for "Big Tits" and "Natural Tits" but nothing to do with nipples - such as weird shaped nipples, perky nipples, or just large nipples.
2: When I did a search for "nipple" in the tag search, I got 17 results, and none of them were related to the pop-up ad that I saw. This is impossible. Nipples are important, and we need to see them.

Of course, I know that America has a very strong MORAL/TIME interest; and they strongly want to control American morality, and fetishes, so they can steer the path of our race. I have nothing to do with ANY of this - because I'm a supern* heaven angel.
The image that made me see:

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