Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Things to remember

The God [God of mystery and indisputable mastery] is a man who loves numbers; he even has a complete, true religion based entirely on love of numbers.

About 6 times when I've truly believed that the God was real - has been a time when an important number has happened: for example, my most recent spot at my car odometer, which was absolutely at 140,000 miles [impossible, right?].

The worst thing a person could do is------- Soul ****-----
But the second worst thing a person could do is:
-Make "Stockholm Syndrome" worse. For example, a sorcerer who changes the Earth so that "my virtue, the Stockholm Syndrome" increases for all living men.

It's just disgusting to me - when somebody does something offensive, or someth. similar to rape, and I enjoy it. We must reduce and remove it absolutely.

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