Sunday, September 28, 2014

TomorrowWorld etc

I looked at this picture, and the first thing I saw was the Red/white "medical cross" flag; my eyes just drifted their naturally. The farthest left flag. I think it was important.
I'm still exploring this site; I thought it was an MMORPG... but then it was dif.

So far, can't tell if this is relevant to me or not.
Something amusing on the site:
"the city of Atlanta is itself a visitor’s attraction with great sports teams, an immense aquarium, the home of Coca-Cola, CNN Headquarters, the 1996 Olympics and the home of Martin Luther King."
This made me very angry, because Atlanta is completely on the other side of the nation, and MLK [Jr] is the face of King County, WA. Of course, the Seattle/KC government are very humiliating, unprincipled, and demonic. I think the secret is: truth and sanity are above the common people, and the world is a very scary place.

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