Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Torture today - very very bad.

I've been tortured today - for about 2.5 hours. It's still happening.

It felt like that scene in Bleach where Stark [loneliness] is sitting by a pile of hollows and all of them are dying from his reietsu. And the truth is: the christian quincy dude is the one torturing everyone. And the small hollows are attacking Stark over and over and over again from the things going on in his head, reacting to his power.

A common themes is: "Somebody needs to go inside you."
"A magick person [business, corporation] killed you completely using magick, and it's WRONG to become magick after a magick person kills you."
"I can predict that I'm going to be a peasant for the rest of my life."
"Voices coming in your head that you cannot remove with power or defenses or life, no matter what."
"There are 7 men inside of you, and 1 of them is 100% your enemy, and he wants to destroy you 100%"
"God christian absolutely needs you to lie, and he will rape you 100% completely until you lie."
"You're not sentient. You're not allowed to go over 70% sentience, and you're not allowed to know or tell the truth EVER - because that is what God/Christian wants of you."
"Somebody is torturing you 100%, and he wants to destroy you absolutely."
"It's very, very likely they're using robots, because they don't ever get tired."
"They're literally inside of my head, and they have access to all of my memories- they're going through all of them and connecting them until I go insane."
"The man who is doing it is a royalty person, and he is 100% supreme, and he has literally zero respect for my person or my soul or my truth. He literally believes 100% that I am a peasant."
"It's about LIFE - people who want MORE LIFE and MORE SOUL versus people who are completely ignorant. LIFE is forbidden."
"I feel very strongly as if "you are 0% important at all" and everything that happens to you is not important and there is zero retaliation whatsoever.
"The things inside of my head are lying 100% over and over and over and over - and when I stop them, they scream 100% and try to kill me. It's obvious to me that they're christian attack demons - they're monsters and they're extremely evil and they never stop. "

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