Monday, October 13, 2014

2 new ideas; also made a new website

On weebly

1st supernatural event:
Captcha fail on Weebly publish website:
 Why it's supernatural:
-There was no text, no sound, and no refresh
-"KAMI" told me to read it: I read "WATER" [covered], "WINE," "Human of Christ" and "TIME"
-I entered these, but none of them worked.
The next part is the best:
-I closed it, repressed "publish," and did it again. It was blank, so I put in my own code.
-What I entered "Angel Luv" and it accepted it, and published my website ...!!!!
-And then it tried to sell me a .com/.net domain name :( I didn't have enough money.

2nd supernatural event:
Went to a Weebly Captcha website, and saw this! [This is brilliant and beautiful and supernet]
From this website.
What's brilliant about it...... it's the same thing as the Windows XP desktop picture--- except that:
-It has a MAGICK TREE [with sparkles]
-It has some sheep or something in the background.

What does this say about Captcha? Further research is neccessary.

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