Thursday, October 30, 2014

A come down; sad muzak

I have rat blood?
I have rat blood! :( ! :(
I have RAT BLOOD :( :( :(

I think it's like "denatured, bacteria blood."
I feel like a lazy, tired, pseudo-human. My high of getting home and doing lots of work has come down, and I feel once again that my mind is about normal.
I'm actually very, very upset.
I also feel the presence of another person in my mind; like "a marine corps" human, or something similar. I am very angry, and tired. I feel like I won't be able to finish my job. I feel like "my soul, my power" left me due to the sadness of my life, and I'm stuck here in this dead body with nothing. I'm very, very upset.
I feel like I could continue working for the next 30 days, and make lots of phone calls, and write lots of letters - and I still would fail - because I have rat

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