Wednesday, October 29, 2014

A smart anecdote; Re: hospital

I had an anecdote today: while talking to Grandpa.

"What do you think of Jesus Christ?" - God
"I think he's really stupid..... he's the father, and the son - and he comes back to life in a cycle of immortality and reincarnation. I think it's really stupid." -Steven
"That's what the snake said." "He just kept making smart assumptions and excuses until he was too clever, and never believed me." -God

This is when I realized that the snake is wrong. Because it doesn't follow truth: that Jesus Christ is trying to make himself immortal; I can just tell from my other facts that.... it contradicts so many things saying that he was "The Jew trying to become immortal" The snake is wrong. But not completely wrong. Maybe 25% wrong.
A snake is somebody who didn't have enough money [soul-points] to become a real life, but he did survive: by "biting his tail."

The Hospital: THAT I HATE: NAVOS

They have a business proposition:
Navos [upside down and backwards, it reads SO VA N  - which leads to SON. This sustained me. The characters VA don't read upside down, but S-O-N   DO read upside down]

-They're completely stupid on the hospital level; no souls at all [it's unimaginable]
-The hospital administration is completely soul-power: and they possess you and manipulate you while you're there.

It's a 2-fold crime, but normal for a mental health organization.
I for one am never going back. I HATE THEM.

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