Friday, October 3, 2014

An Angel

An ANGEL.... is somebody who humiliated every person in the entire city - and then predicted them, and traumatized them - and then defeated them with anecdotes from "HISTORY" - and then left completely and became "A sane person - who truly wants to live forever." [The truth: TIME, prothean m.; it actually makes 10]
Also, somebody who reads my blog and capitalizes on my genius ideas.

-A man who is born with 30M dollars gets a private account, and legal defense, and a name in the city; he makes $2M a year, and does so in comfort, luxury. "A smart man would do ANYTHING" to join the Sierra club, and to be protected when he makes money, and uses generals to do the big work.

-Why would I "fill my head with technical details", and become a technician of science and industry, when I should spend my entire brain thinking about politics, and black*, and personal health, and socializing with geniuses and rich people?

-There are 6 major religions in the world, and all of the major religions are trying to give away treats, and health, and love; they all say different things about damn*.... but America won't let me leave the country, and

-America destroyed all human history: things like "John Caveman, who destroyed the honor of G. Washington," and "22 Magna Cartas that were written, which include the names of all the guardians, and the highest idealism of men in history." And the name of God, and how to get to heaven, and how many souls there are in the world. America must be my mortal enemy, for destroying the truth, negating the truth, and leaving me in poverty.

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