Wednesday, October 8, 2014


Jamie again..
Of all the things that I have discovered, I've confused many times by "Jamie's name"
Is it just American religion, X-fucker, or all cream white faces?
Jamie Bell from "King Kong," oh that's an important movie. King Kong is ALSO very important, for life reas
At one point, I thought Jamie was "the idiot guide, hidden behind stereotypes."
I discovered a new pattern today;
A joke:
"Say the name Buck, and then rhyme it with other things...."
I got "Buck, [fuck], LUCK, [fuck], [suck], [tuck]
And that's SORCERY. Because I could not stop it.
If you're in a different mood, you can say different; but POWAH will not allow you to.
Gurren Lagann

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