Friday, October 10, 2014


Tried to get my money back from my blood-betraying, peasant-blood grandma.
She has 3 months [money] of rent for me. It sounded like Jesus Christ selling jokes.
"I can't give you back your money, because you have to spend it on next months rent"
"That's what I was going to spend it on." "Doooohh." No reply. She still insisted it didn't work.

And then I told her: "our blood relationship is over" and I showed her the letter I sent her. and she started calling the police. I HATE Police. This is the 3rd time she has called the police on me; a person with low credit, and no skin, and is all alone in the world. She clearly is a mortal sin of peasant blood-traitor.
And that's when an angel of diamonds de*

..She tried to call the police because I asked for my money back.
She is enslaved to the America: the literal abomination of flaming hatred and absolute torture; and those same people come into my home, and torture me while I'm here, with ghosts and torture and lies.

America is actually using the Black Satan to conduct basic governance. And I am a slave; fighting with the Supermassive Empire to prove that I'm a soul-person; that I'm real.

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