Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Destiny psychology stupid

Something smart:
-all the humans are dead..... "The giant god-amoeba" controls them, and I live.... deciding between it.
-And all life is just a line; that's how we gain reason.

-I found out that "there is something psychologically relevant about this place, which means it was destiny.

-The trees are very pretty; somebody-I-know says that this is her summoning place.
-The plates in the toilet are psychologically relevant -and they reek of TIME...

So... the peasant people were manipulated to do this, so I could see it someday. How amusing.
pics here:
One of the things that "Dad-army" did to me, to piss me off; was to tell me "there always has to be a whole in your head for "white people," holy, demon, tiny little men who go inside of you and live.

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