Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Game monopolies [Warcraft, League of Legends]

League of Legends - there's something really smart about the artwork.
It's like --- Heaven league artwork. Of course it's very similar to game monopolies: everyone wants to copy them, but they cannot --- read "The Matrix"

So my belief is:
World of Warcraft [which has very similar artwork] [and Everquest - which I never played] are both TIME. and they love it.

They say that "League of Legends" is actually a real legendary game - there are so fierce players on it.
What this means to me is that I need to contact them and see if they have money for me. I actually can't play it though, because of my hand...
Another game that I really enjoyed [with some slight marks against it]: Amalur. It reminds me of EARTH.

Maybe the truth is: there are like "5 different game graphic design premiums" and my favorite color schemes just happen to be League of Legends and Warcraft. Maybe... not?

double screen

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