Sunday, October 12, 2014

Got Arrested today

Got stopped by police today; for carrying a wooden bouken.
I felt there was a 65% chance of going to jail.
They were unintelligent as all hell. I asked some basic questions, and they shouted me down. There was zero intelligence whatsoever.
Jesus didn't defend me; God moses didn't....
I feel I could die 1000 times, and be free of your absolute christian evil.
I left the house because I was being lied to, lied to, lied to, lied to, by "Black Cell American government." And then I got tortured by police.
I think America is literally 1000X evil, and I could leave forever.
Oh holy truth, Godsmack.
On the back from my walk: I had a very important thought; and then I was intercepted by police.
But I got home, cooled off, and remembered:
-The peasant people are a MONSTER of infinite non-sentience and absolute literal evil. They are 400X bigger than you know.

But more importantly....
"I'm looking for the Cult of Leina... the girl with rings in her hair." [Queen's B]
"The woman gives away rings."
She's a savior...!

I didn't find anything on search engines, but I'll keep looking.

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