Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Grossly mistaken about some*

My previous post:
Even considering a single religion, Christianity, within a single country, there are often thousands of individual "Christian confessions and denominations." For example, Barrett et al. states that there are:
bullet4,684 groups in the U.S.
bullet3,364 in South Africa.
This means.... the rules of soul communication: the rules of God and telepathy... are completely open ended. And my belief that America is insane, and dead, and royalty.... is possibly 90% unreal.
[except for the laws of property and estate. - which are severe and lethal]

Somebody "possesses..." or is currently enslaved by me.... my soul....
Because there has always been a hole inside of me, which sabotages me, humiliates me. It might be my Uncle. They whisper over and over that it's him.... Dan.... or my step-fugger, Benjamin Weaks. It could be either of them. Yes, that's likely.

But rest assured: I am actually an angel, and anti-insane, and anti-corruption, and I'm very optimistic about my genie-like ability to escape sin and find money; and move to other cities; and make acting career [yes].

Both Benjamin and Dan are part of the Bible, which has always haunted me.

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