Monday, October 13, 2014

Hostage taking, again. How many men want to steal my soul?

The demon is pretending to be my birthdad
-I don't know him very well
-My prejudices of him, from growing up, are being used against me.
-They say... in an American federal voice: "It's your blood that is killing you." "Your soul is rejecting you."

I haven't seen this much hatred coming from a man since I saw a Protestant Congregation in South USA. It's the same voice and feeling. I wonder how they found me?

He wants to know if I'm using my name illegally..... "can you tell if it's a line, or a hand?" Can you discern between a "real attack" and a fake attack? Are you using the energy you have correctly?

I find it very disgusting - and it's not even my religion.
It's the religion of Christian soul trap - hostage taking, and white trash royalty.

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