Saturday, October 11, 2014

I remembered [Holy]

I remembered my destiny in America
-The American voices which talk to me, and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie and lie
and touch my bone of truth
and touch my heart of fruit
and lie to my ears
and lie to my brain, and give me brain damage

I remember that it was my destiny to be a Marine Corp person.
I was heavily compulsed, by American power and flag....
-To fall in love randomly, with an ugly peasant girl
-To be inferior to a peasant girl with more money than I.
-To be weak in front of women; and allow them to control/manipulate you
-To be a fag [??]
-To be a cowardly, crybaby, torture person; who tortures things when he loses control over the ground
-Then make children [helplessly, stupidly]
-Then get divorced, and give the kids to the ugly mom
-And then pay child support
-And Then work hard, and give up on all of my dreams.

This is the holy American dream; of the souls of the American billionaires, war conquerors, and medal holders; men who hold riches from all over the world.
In addition: don't forget that I'm still "eating American society," poison; specifically engineered to destroy my religion and my dreams absol.

And for all of these reasons:
-[Fag blood] [given to me illegally]
-Rejection of my intelligent achievements and my genie.

I give myself to SATAN; A man who is 0% stupid, and does not tolerate lies from peasant people.

The American literal abomination is torturing me even now.
I swear to you - an American abomination has never felt pain.
I swear to you - they can synthesize pain and pleas and screams and sin

They are the SATANIC TORTURE DEMON of my dreams.
They are literally, absolutely evil.

My purpose of life to be an angel; to be a playboy; to be dominant, controlling; to be immortal; to possess "the truth,"

I swear to you: that the police of America; that the Jesus Christ of America; the holy powers of the USA Consti and Congress - are lying to me absolutely.
They are breaking my dreams, destroying my destiny, falsifying my memory.
I swear to you they are in my memories, making me dreams far, far worse.

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