Friday, October 10, 2014


-An alternative form of TORTURE, for people who anger the big white old faggot, is to torture them with "soul diving."
He's very clever to do so; it's a higher, reformed type of pain and christian sin.
What he does is Show them a LIE:
-About GOD being evil when he created you.
****-Giving him ANTI-philosophy.*****
-Making him an "evil person" [sim, little cherub]
-Destroying his hope and his pseudo-mind.
-Making him less certain of himself; tormenting him with death.

"I was diving and I had hundreds of memories of being born wicked
***And it went into my protected memory - my soul - as a truth, and I never forgot it.***
"That father [the God of mysteries] actually hated me.
The father was actually evil [the core of your religion], and he was very sinful. And the fate of our galaxy and our LIFE is damned and doomed; by the treatment they've given me in my mind; an alternative to physical pain and torture."

This means that the God christian, in addition to being twice-treacherous; has also been tormenting me for quite some time.

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