Friday, October 3, 2014

Letter to Sarah Mears [UW - Microbiology]

Hello again, Sarah Mears!
I am a former Microbiology student at the UW; you were my advisor.
I've since gotten into a lot of TROUble in religion.
I discovered a true religion called "FATE" and a relative of Judaism, which says very strongly that there are finite people in the world [maybe 900k] and I take it very, very seriously.
I was very interested in science and genetics, but then I started exploring life and realized - it couldn't be true. After all, there are so many different ways a "life" can die, being 1 human, that it doesn't make any sense at all. I've elaborated very strongly on this idea: I made an essay called "War photographer." Another thing I'm very interested in is the inability of a man to grow back his organs, or his fingers, without serious therapy. This is impossible in my religion; it says if we cannot grow back something very important to us, our lives ain't real. "We might be jokes to God if our life and destiny ends because we had an accident."
Certainly 1 soul has to control more than 1 person; certainly, there have to be Gods in the world to control my head, so I don't discover the truth and join with the royalty, and the charity, and the "TRUTH messenger."
I found so many genius ideas to discover the soul, and life, that I started thinking
For example, famous people and Hollywood. I'm convinced that the USA makes a very serious effort to recruit "soul-men" and "life-bloods" into fame, and athletics, and powerful positions - just to make sure everyone is taken care of. I feel very strongly that "I'm similar to a celebrity, in mind and character and blood."
But I haven't been found yet.

So, what I want to know is: does the UW know the truth? About how many people there are in the world, and men of "true religion," and the secret of life, and the secret of royalty and major money? Do they actually know that "science and natural selection" aren't actually the real truth? TRUTH is what a man with a soul, and money, and health does in his lifetime; it's not what somebody in power, or government tells us.
I'm convinced there is a major conspiracy, both in TIME, science, government, and major religion to hide the truth.
I'm an Angel.
Life has been very traumatic for me. I have major stresses on my head, and I can feel the hatred and resentment of thousands of people; I'm kind of loony.
I've been to court, but I've never had any legal representation. I feel very strongly that I am completely cut off from money, family, help, religion, and society; and that death and imprisonment and trauma are in my future. I very, very much need assistance.
I have a blog that I've been posting to: it proves that I'm actually "a genius" and that I'm not insane. It's blocked, though, because I barely ever get any visitors.
My grandfather is famous in history, so I'm convinced my life is important. I'm also related to Bill Gates.
Steven *****

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