Thursday, October 9, 2014

Letter to WA legal

HELP ME111111

I'm a suicide.
I'm Steven - I have a US Constitution in my body - but most ironic I don't have any rights, and my last trip to the ER, they told me "you're an ordinary person." I live in danger of going to prison and jail, as I've already done [hospital].
I don't have any help, and I need friends.
Legal Mind: I need you to do a search, in a privileged court, to determine my legal stati, and if there are people who care about me.
I'm related to Bill Gates, Jr. I've done tremendous research on souls and hell, and I'm completely certain that behind my eyes and face is a Christianized soul that cannot be free, and cannot speak, and cannot find hell.

I went to the UW-Seattle for genetics, but I escaped. I was beaten up and left. I was very envious of rich people, but it killed me. Nobody knew that I was Debsin.

Proof that my life is destined and import
I know that my life is destined. A lot of things have lined up.
-My step-father's name is Ben, and I live on a street called "Benson."
-My mother's name is Sue, and I became a "TRUTH Angel."
-My grandfather is famous; a major part of [neglected by some, but not by TIME] computer history.
-I've grown up in a very, very stupid world: where bigotry and sin run rampant; and I've overcome it to find true idealism.
-I look through movies and books to find hints of the truth, about religion - and I find them. I understand a lot of things that good directors put inside of their movies.
-My [former] Step Father's--Mother's--Former Husband is an Indian swami, and he appeared on the movie "What the Bleep do we know?"
-When I was 14, "my mum" was giving care [big brother, big sister] to a retard person; a dumbshit girl with big arms and very low intelligence. Her name was HOPE and she was horrible.
One time, she was trying to open the front door of the house [from the inside] even though the door was locked; she rammed the door 4 times, and almost broke the door and the handle, before Mum told her the door was actu. locked.
-My mom's birthday [evil] is in April. My birthday and my Grandma's birthday are in May [mine is the middle of the month: 14TH], and my [ugly] step-dad is in JUNE. This is not an accident.
-My computer has been hacked many times to piss me off; usually things involving social warfare and community service and major censorship. [HYPO: My entire LIGHT is ON the pirate-bay... I haven't SENEU it though.

-I'm demonically intelligent; I have major mind power.
-My soul has gone to HELL, and I lived.
-I'm a GENIUS, because I found "FreedomTime"
-I found proof that the world is "BLACK;" My people are "ethnic group #9" and the common people have their own Jesus C, and their own power, and KING. I hate them. Banks and corporations and laws do not know what "we are," and trap us in the law; they trap our money; they trap out power, and they do not respond to threats of urgency. A black world is when "your finger, eyes, and hair are scanned in illegally," and immediately sent to a public server and duped, and then immediately sent to all sorts of parties who are interested; Banks do this too. Also black: Guns in the ceiling, and "the tiniest poisons you've ever know, in the hands of peasant banks." I developed "time-seeing" as a basic ability, to survive in this dangerous world. Also: P{

You should read this blog post: to prove there is somebody trying to find mei. 

Update: Lawyers I've seen that I will not at all speak to:
-James White
-John David Winfrey III [of] YUCK]

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