Monday, October 6, 2014

Lightning is Awesome + notes

So I'm going to post a blog post about L, and get help.

-Lightning is my favorite character from Final Fantasy.
-I never completed the game; I played it nearly to about level 6; I believed the game was rigged, and died. "Pattern your mind so you can do the role correctly;" and I died because my mind was on something else....
-I think she's fantastically pretty and very smart; a good role model for strong women
-I think the English VA is FUCKBAD
-I think she's a very good Japanese VA
-I think the game is a little weird, and I never really understood the point, or the plot. The point of an angel is to BECOME the *govern
-Her character irks me a little bit; I can't get over some small issues. I'm inferior by her.
2nd Post:
From a chain-letter my Gram sent me.
"Life is a coin, you can spend it anyway you wish, but you can only spend it once."
This doesn't make ANY SENSE to an ordinary
But it makes sense to ME; I know a LOT about it.
"The Roman God put his head on a quarter - soul people know all about it."
You can spend it to get a bigger soul, or to make POWER". - ME
"Money might actually be bigger than all the souls and light of the Earth. There are billionaires in the world who know nothing about souls and light; or who follow anti-soul religions.... Yuck." -ME [Paraphrased by Mammon]
-HOLY CRAP - QUORA website is BAD. I tried to write a comment to a question:
but I had to scroll down for 15 seconds to write my answer. Failed. I think this site is hostile.
Lightning Update 10/7/14
I still LIKE her

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