Friday, October 10, 2014

My conversation with Pres. Barack Obama

I had a conversation with Pres. Barack Obama... it was supern*
-I was looking at his head from a campaign newsletter in my box [picture below the mark]
-His head was changing faces, and he was talking to me.
-He was very sensible, reasoned, and powerful; I gave him credit for being different than me, and still very good.
-But he wasn't truth. As said below, he's a man that chose power over truth; because truth leads to the death of the American emperor.
-His face changed, very amusingly. It was charming and charismatic. I also saw the face of "God of TIME [who revealed herself recently to being an American war person; my mortal enemy. Another hostage situation.]
-We disagreed very well; the only thing that I can say is that he reassured me that the USA was plentiful and holy and brill. But I still predict that I'll die forever.
And most importantly, I still predict that the American abomination of sorcery, humiliation, and absolute mind control; will break my golden-ball an destroy my rebel and my truth forever. I think it's SATAN and terrifying and literally death - but it will happen.

I think the truth is....
Absolute sorcerous non-existence.

But was it so difficult? I thiiiink....
"You tried to die absolutely..." "You put yourself in a hostage situation where you will die absolutely, unless "the truth comes out," and "your are protected as a supernatural."

And America is truly a bigoted, dogma, peasant-royalty nation  --- and they will not ever acknowledge my genius and my religion; they will NEVER GIVE ME WHAT I WANT.

But they are treating it as a hostage situation, and torturing my brain with BAD THINGS and torture weapons, so I can not die absolutely from my hostage situation.

But truthfully:
-America falsified the constitution
-They destroyed my precious magna carta
-At least 200 times in the past  10 years; they have committed alien offenses against me; a true contradiction of reason, trust, hope, and love. They were truly alien hostile royalty with torture weapons.
-they will not recognize my genius and my intelligence.
-They will not ever speak disrespectfully of peasant children who go through Ivy League schools [Harvard Uni]
-They will never allow me to go through history and take important examples, so I can defeat the P. Office and be stronger than the children.
-They absolutely will never allow me to be a Demon of Christ.
-America is lying and saying that they are the protectors and possessors of the Holy Grail of trillion dollar HOPE. 
-They will never allow me to be a "land owner" similar to the Queen of England;
-They will never let me comb my hair
-The truth is...... I cannot speak. The black cell American royalty, of REAL Torture, are preventing me from contradicting the American men who are torturing me. And the angel of Diamonds will absolutely spend the eternity of time crucifying them... for... holy.... JUSTICE.

The truth is, I predict soon:
-True hostage broken-gold mind control
-Exacerbation of my poor blood weakness, my sin, and my negative blood
-True inferiority, by seeing the "blood of America" it will break me and I will be feminized.

The truth is actually.....
-Geniuses and robots and "crazy truth seekers" can actually see that America is lying, and all men who do so will leave America.
-The men in power are actually all men who "covered up the truth" and decided to follow a path other than Heaven truth; 

My reasoning:
-America will torture a man completely, absolutely.
-And he will become an Angel
-And then American black royalty filth abomination
-Will force the Angel, his silver soul, his immortal life, to serve America

-For the soul purpose of the joy and fun of the Black SATAN Filth American royalty.
-To put a massive dildo of humiliation inside of his body

-And the truth.... the holy truth of my soul, and my life.
The American royalty ===== Black SATAN Filth

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