Thursday, October 30, 2014

My future [black]

My blocklist and my poverty....

-My soul left me, and went to heaven - and he's profiting very heavily by himself, surfing in heaven
-Every time I live aggressively on Earth, his power goes down, so he tries to make me "a dead person" so I just live and don't do anything
-I have a major block that says "I can't go up" and it has to do with "the wind" and "the android inside of me"
-Catholics, and Gods are in on it, and don't know what to do about me.

-I can still see the future a little bit - so I'm still sane and reasonable - but the underlying problem is right there. --- Rat.
-It's not so much an NSA blacklist - as a God -> blacklist. It's very hard on me.
-I am probably going to get back on support, and then I'm going to "be dead for a year" and then I'm going to go down again.

I'll do anything to
1) Not go to the hospital again
2) Not live in poverty
3) Not be homeless.

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