Tuesday, October 7, 2014

My life [religion]

The summary of my life experience:
"The god took his entire life out of the dirt and put it in the sin.
And acknowledged that he wasn't God, he was a man."
[America promoted "true life" to God, because of their weapons and their government and constitution]

"And the Satellite holder, the American POWER, had a moment of idealism and virtue, and acknowledged ""I [American Power] AM a liar. And you are a truth." [last part 30% less true] And then regretted it, and reneged. But the truth was written, and the God remembered it.

"And me [The God] acknowledged that I am a "God who told the truth, and demoted himself to a man." and was a TRUTH Angel [Demon]"

And my soul [Supposedly Andrea Cummins or [less] Blank Suzuki] hates me and betrays me, because "The god" keeps tying her life to my "real mom" who I hate and resent; who I believe to be a [bad person].

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