Friday, October 10, 2014

My proof of Sorcerous Non-existence: 20 times proven, my destiny, by the Angel of TIME

I bet my soul: my silver and my gold and my immortality and my hair, that the American attack-angel inside of me, destroying my right to live and my sacred soul; IS A LIE. And the American Gov't is Anti-angel, and they are pretending to use an Angel as a crime; and they are lying 20 times about their right to be an angel.
The America is an oathbreaker and a mortal sin, and they are following different truth, language, and history than me.

And America does not have an Angel.

An angel is somebody who prevents TORTURE, who prevents assass.. [less], who prevents hostage taking [more], who kills people who are absolutely evil. [Also many other definitions; when I am in a different]

I will bet my entire soul, my hair, and my silver and gold, that America does not have a true angel.
-That my angel soul does not depend upon the American angel for power
-That an American Angel does not allow them to destroy my truth
-That a true angel would actually KILL the American government

Contradiction: there have to be some, but none that would function, and exist, in the battle between myself and the US gov't. They wouldn't have the power to corrupt me, or destroy me; a genius, anti-human, history reader; a protector of dignity and health and souls and love. And a visitor of the "true heaven."

And I swear again:
-The US feels great joy and pleasure by torturing me, and exposing my skin, and removing my scales
-And I swear: they have committed over 200 mortal sins upon my body and my blood
-That the American royalty are smiling and grinning as they torture my body
-That they are using "TIME SUPREMACY" to humiliate me, and destroy my truth, and torture my angel.'
-They have lied 5200 times about my memories and my experiences. They have used SICK love to lie about my memories, and humiliate me when it was inappropriate.

-That the forbidden crime; touching a walrus; they are doing over and over and over again.

And I swear upon the black satan - of unknown creatures of the darkness of the galaxy and the sp[aace; monsters which have never known life, and are foreign to the Earth.
-For touching me, feminizing me, breaking my sacred truth, lying to me absolutely, and destroying my silver and gold blood. The monster of the darkness of this galaxy shall destroy all of your riches, and all of dynasties, and all of your liars - until 2x revenge has been achieved.

And I shall be resurrected as the Prince of Germany; and given premium memory restoration, and WIZARD-like resurrection and restoration, and 100% retaliation and revenge, against the American abomination.

And I swear to you today:
-With the stolen blood of JESUS CHRIST. I swear to you that they raping my silver and my gold; and they grinning; and they are making me laugh; and they are torturing my immortality; that they are feeling great joy --- the American elite, the American Royalty --- by destroying a truth, who has a shard of LIES inside of him, who resents, tempts, and beats black children.

I swear to you today that America is my mortal enemy, and a black satan of oathbreakers and filthmongers.

I also swear that the American royalty lady inside of my head; will be crucified, enslaved, and mass tortured: oh heavenly truth and heavenly miracles. I swear that whore will be crucified forever.
And I also swear that American is using sick love, literal lying, and Satanic torture on my ears, my brain, and my soul.

I will probably go deaf. I will probably go blind. I will probably be a retard.
And the American abomination of literal mortal sins and absolute evil, will never repent.

And I swear the honor of the Gabriel, and the honor of Jesus Christ, and the honor of G. Washington, and the honor of Congress; has been broken absolutely.
You have defiled the sacred honor of HOLY GRAIL TRUTH. And you are, America, 100% an abomination, of literal, flaming peasant mortal, a peasant Satan.

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