Thursday, October 9, 2014

My religion

-People can be instigated by love, "heaven love," wealth, royalty roses, truth serum:
to tell the truth. A state of telling the truth.

And men of government, and men of authority, and children:
-They will not ever love the truth. And they will not listen.

And the revealer is:
-The christian men will use stereotypes and sin and mind-plagues to protec themselves from TRUTH.
-They will cover up the truth in their minds so it is not a threat to them.

Truth magick. [Sometimes call love] This is an old part of my religion.

And that is how you reveal the men of peasant blood, of poor mind power and poor eyesight, and little truth: you use the truth-love test.
Update: 10/9/2014
"I will tell the truth completely; I'll even give away my CC every month, and watch as it comes back in 37 hours." [miracle]
I actually think that "TRUTH" is a cop-out, and that it's conservative; "Mitt Romney ain't a truth; he's a marine." lie

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