Friday, October 31, 2014

My religious and philosophical development continues

What the soul is......... and America's position on it:

It's on the $1 bill.
The soul... my soul... is actually a Temple with an eyeball on top of it.

And my enemy... is FATE.
Fate is for stupid people; illiterate people. "That was my fate" [negative]
I remember seeing a picture of Aleister Crowley with a temple and eyeball on top of his head. I wonder if magick people have a hard time believing in it. After all: what about Soul T?

Of course, it doesn't make any sense to me; considering our true philosophy of international religion. Eating the fruits and playing the tune of multiple great churches.
I have to wonder if... maybe my religion and philosophy hasn't completed.
Maybe... the soul is only a temple sometimes, and other times it's different.
Maybe... the soul is a temple and an eyeball - that is the American soul, and what they want it to be.
America is "GIVING YOU THE SECRET" on the $1 bill: the soul is a temple with an eyeball on it.
America is "MANDATING A SOUL-TYPE" on the $1 bill: a temple with an eyeball on it.
I'm more likely to believe the 1st one.
-- [sentences taken from a different website]
Annuit Coeptis, with the accepted translation: 'Providence Favors Our Undertakings'
-The new American Republic, with their soul-philosophy, is benefited by Hell.
Novus Ordo Seculorum, with the accepted translation: 'A New Order of the Ages'
-The new race of people will favor government over church - because it's bigger.
It also has the obverse of the Seal, and that has the motto E Pluribus Unum, with the accepted translation: 'Out of Many, One' 
-Hundreds of humans together form one soul: and the result after a lifetime is that they form 1 human being. [hypo]
What I do know is that ."my soul" and "my temple" have been hacked and invaded... by American nationalist abomination. Abomination. Abomination.
Men who are 100% stupid, live and breathe in the army, and follow a different version of history than me.

I feel as if I am 100% dead. I feel as if... the Americans have stolen everything from me and profited very heavily.
Even right now, there is a police officer, and an American soldier - -inside of my head - -lying to me; modifying my memories. Changing my memories. Destroying my soul. Lying to me. Destroying my memories. Lying. Destroying my memories.
And the nationalism of the USA - their absolute lunatic nationalist patriotism - is an abomination, 5x an abomination, and they will never stop; they will never pay reperations; they will never stop lying; they will never stop destroying my memories.

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