Wednesday, October 8, 2014

New idea, cracks

The "head editor" of Cracked humor is a HUMAN.
-And he talks like a disgusting peasant, with his head in sorcery; an unsentient, ungenielike, unintelligent peasant-lover.
Sometimes I have to wonder if those peasants are actually intelligent at all.
Robotic self-sentience, until you achieve the power of love and royalty.... and write a private manifesto, and empower yourself to kill people who threaten you, and empower yourself with cleverness and libbing ability.

[Jaime gave me a hint; Cracked in Oct.... I'm taking it very seriously.]

For peasant people in America.... being successful, and not being successful; it must be completely suicide. "I used all my soul, but didn't succeed. A peasant succeeded; so I soul-jumped into his body, and become one with him; just like an American Senator jumping into a mafia family."
I think the men aren't born of good blood; blood like K James and K Richard; like Edward the Black; men who know the truth and kill anyone who gets in their way.

If you've ever looked at an agent, a police officer, a business person as somebody who completely disrespects you, will not recognize your courage, does not look you in the eyes, does not reveal his name... you will find very clearly that America is one evil filthy evil nation, of literal sin and absolute massive super-intelligent royal evil, and massive torture of human souls.
I watched a video: "Steven Grover Cleveland..." 2 words which mean TRUE and 1 Steven... it was on Crack. I saw the TIME. OUCH.

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