Monday, October 6, 2014

New ideas: saving me from insanity

The anti-jounen!!!!!!

Jounen: the 100% EVIL that protects you from 1) Peasants 2) World Progress 3) [Peasant] Human Rights
4) Men who want you to work 5) Being enslaved by ads, corporations, or military.
Jounen is "the darkness of space" and we are "the souls." That's the most recent idea.

Life isn't complete; It's broken!!! It's a broken line; it's a broken circle; [it's a fence??? maybe]
100% EVIL people think the funniest thing to do is take advantage of human stupidity!!!
Demonism: be an ugly monster, and set traps, and take advantage of human M. Sin, and massive stupidty.
Terrorize them and profit strongly.
Like "The green river killer" or... "that weird voice in my head, of the crazy mad scientist." That's what demons do.
But the truth is: If the life of the Earth is broken, then it doesn't make any sense to profit from the stupidity of government and men; to profit from their sins.
GENIE does make perfect sense; especially when you consider how many books I've read, and how many video games I've played, that were socially engineered to destroy my intelligence and sentience - and hated my "soul and my degree."

Of course, to soul people [who can count money very well], demonism isn't really that evil; But it is definitely wrong. After all; a demon can't change human history; a demon can't kill "the peasant machine." A demon can't make a landmark of demonic religion. A demon can't become immortal.

One of the concepts that I was very, very fixated on when I was younger; "if you're a genie, and you break the human mind and the social constraints; why don't you just kill rich people? Why don't you just take advantage of all the of the problems to make mayham." And the truth is: the spine of human mind does not allow us to do these things; it actually convinces us very hard not to do so.

It's actually WRONG to be 100% evil; for 3 different reason.
-Love is very, very powerful; Love between 2 celestial bodies; a small body and a big body; it's very, very important. It's also very profitable.
-MAGICK is very beneficial, and very smart; It can save the world; re-engineering the Earth!!! We can counteract murder and sin altogether with magick.
-There are NOT really that many people in the world; and it's very optimistic, wanting to meet all the people of the world, and see all that they have accomplished, and live forever.

Of course, being completely evil [liberally, unintellignetly] in the USA - a SATELLITE/MASSIVE MILITARY POWER - it makes perfect sense. They once told me "your soul is literally inside of a missile, and you're defending America." It made me very, very mad. They also told me that "souls don't work because satellites are more important; also"
[Second opinion: that's very, very good, because missiles are an important part of modern warfare.]
But I need my soul to enchant my hand, to become a genie, to discover the truth of the magna carta and the alternate constitution, to develop a true religion. To find "soul and water and sewi and mana," and enliven my head.
If I hadn't been evil, I find it very likely that I would a worker, a married man [to an ugly woman], and a father [which is EXACTLY THE OPPOSITE OF WHAT I WANTED].

Contradiction, while thinking about murder: murder is so stupid; you die from getting your brain punctured; but it seems impossible that a man could die from getting killed, so there's a BIG MYSTERY right there, and it seems "the opening of religion" is the stupidity of death; a man going to work and getting killed by a stray bullet.
2nd Opinion: the Earth exists primar

Conflux of religion: [very important idea]
-DEATH IS VERY EASY and very stupid. It kills an atheist 100%.
-Death never happens; even when poor workers and drugs and crime come together; it never happens. This is RELIGION. "The religion" is controlling the Earth so idiots, anti-genies, and corpse-lovers can travel the Earth and never discover true intelligence, or SIN, by THINKING like a genie.
Posit: No atheist has ever been killed "at the bank"

Another CONFLUX of religion:
-Killing rich people, by taking advantage of immorality and simple intelligence; "finding the rich neighborhood, seeing the rich houses."
If you focus on this idea over and over again, you will find "The Pope" or "The God" and you'll start seeing lines in your head. This is fundamental!!!

These ideas copyrighted by "Steven James Debsin," aka "Steven J**** *****"

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