Tuesday, October 7, 2014

News soldi.

The truth of the American Government is that "the Fed is actually A RING" of circular knowledge and bad truth.
And I am the alien and the enemy.
And I broke the ring's rules, and died for it, and then "was raped and feminized and destroyed" and I died completely. And then the ring broken, and I discovered it was actually 100% SATAN. "A machine which will never tell the truth; a machine which cannot ever follow magick law. A machine that would never be permitted in Heaven or Hell; a Machine of Human sin and human resentment and human treachery. An IRONY.
The American government are filth, oathbreakers; the worst sorts of royalty from 2000 years of mortal sin. The filth of peasant brains and sines and massive intelligent warfare.
And I am a slave to a hostage taker; a biological warfare liar, a ninja-holder, An assassin holder.
A lunatic legal nightmare. An American royalty who bred with peasants and horses, and elevated the plant and the weed above the soul.

The LIES of America are completely infinite, and are protected by the oathbreaker; the God of truth, the God of TIME. She protects the American abomination; the royalty, who say the most disgusting, filthy things I've ever heard: "I [Am. Royalty] AM the soul of America; if I die, you won't have a soul. If I die, all souls in America will die.

"We took thousands of hostages, and that was our royal perogative. and if I die, or you destroy my angel and my word; all of the hostages will die completely. AND: they will hunt you down absolutely."

And 100 times, absolutely sorcerous non-existence is my miracle, my eden, and my Destiny.
Because I don't have any money, I don't have any love; I am a dominant sorcerer of truth who will not make peace with evil. I won't really lose anything at all by dying absolutely. But atleast I won't be converted into the opposite; an American liar, whose soul was sold into slavery, to serve G. Washington and the black cell, invisible American Royalty. A marine corp soldier who exists to promote America, and forced to kill my blood-relatives and my soul-friends. That is the truth of America.
The things that terrify me the most: and the Angel who will solve them for me. The religion that will solve them for me.
"A lord blackmailing you, cornering you, and adding you to his estate as a lifetime servant."
"A lifetime in the military; incapable of leaving."
"Hostage situations; Soul Slavery."
"Any interacts at all with police or peasant people, or "people who control power."

I need to search for the Angel/God/ or Religion that will heal me of these things, and save me completely.

The most disgusting, inhuman, un-angel thing in the world is:
"A person who takes hundreds of soul-blood hostages so he can rise up and become royalty." This has happened hundreds and is in my mind, as the truth of TIME; and I know that it is ALIEN to Earth; but I know that it is also something that an American would do.

Maybe the truth is: My exploration of TIME has revealed this, hostage taking, to be true, and it is a blight and sin inside of me, and the American royalty are separated from me by a gulf; of things that we cannot understand.

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