Thursday, October 2, 2014


One of the highest-level truths from Jaime:
"The Earth is actually, completely dead."
"We're bombarded by light, and messages, and visitors, from all sorts of other planets; but it doesn't enrich the life, and give us newness." "The Earth is completely dead."
I believe it. And count it towards my genius, and my philosophy of escape from tyranny.

I've already understood this; but I actually thought it was TYRANNY, from protestants, and parliaments, and "human rights."
I actually believed that "businesses and corporations" were extremely successful and far more important my life.
One of my soul titles, "soul trap," I felt was actively being used by the military, and mid-level corporations, and all sorts of mad people, to make money, to blackmail, to control. I strongly believe that the entire world is very evil, and I have no chance.

In addition, "torture" is completely real. The God-christian does not protect me from the hatred of peasant men, and the "government," and the fire. Maybe.
I've thought many times that they're actually "robot torture demons" following a different truth than I.
"You have a war. It was brilliant." "Your fight against the peasant people; the definition of your souls and your light."
Maybe "Your father is a Gen, and he disagrees sharply. 'And you're a J*** so it works out.'"
"The key is Hamilton, who is the one open to you." "He's the one who has all the information, and 'royalty,' and SIN."

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