Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Philosophy part x

One of the things that defines my philosophy... a substantive difference between myself and other people [power hungry people-eagles]
 is the belief that being alive - I am losing mana. And it is being refilled with "blank mana" or "zero mana"- that makes me stupid, corrupt, unsympathetic, unvirtuous, and unlikely to torture or kill. Like one of those lawyer people who eats the spit of the copyrighted agency.
I've seen men who are 200 years old - and they want to live longer, and make power, and fight.
And I know that I could never do that:
-I'm a sane man
-I try very, very hard to clean my mana and live longer.
Update: 10:25pm
Mailed Arturia; no reply.
Gonna go to comp store tomorrow... "it's the soul of. the neighborhood...."
Doxbin has been very helpful to me, though it's still useless and owned by Fed.
What is Evil:
"Evil is when you live in a village, and you steal something over and over, and it always gets refilled. And you just do it forever."
"Evil is when you face common people [robots] and you break their hand, and they never overcome it. Evil is when you make more money than other people: because you have a true religion."
The weird thing about evil is......... you can live an entire lifetime without ever meeting another "true soul."

For the purposes of the King of England [this is probably 20x bigger than I can say" Evil is LIVE backwards... right? And we do backwards ALL THE TIME.

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