Saturday, October 11, 2014

Post title [moving sûn]

Moving to another blotspot sooon. Going to free myself frum the hand...s...

Some ideas:
-You do, completely have a soul - it's your RING.

An anecdote;
"those governor people."
"They can behave like dominant men, and change the rules of TIME sometimes...
but they can only do it when they have a human [1hand] nearby."
So the point is to get a magick object until I can further materialize my light.
"Those shikikaim; they ain't actually people; they're composites and they're action figures. That's the joke. All the souls live... else.
There was another thot, but I forgott.

Maybe the trûth is.... all of the Earth is someday going to be carved up into 1 big cookie.
And we get to go through human history to find are hand.. [sic]
I'm optimistic.

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