Saturday, October 11, 2014

Proof of Supern* internet; I wrote it down

I guess this is the first step; will it work?
What does "The internet God" want me to write? I want to write a perfect essay; but I know I won't be able to; my mind is enslaved.
SIN to me... means; my soul is in many different pieces, and I cannot obtain domina. Maybe 20 pieces.
And the police look at me, and eat my memories, and forbid me to lie
And I cannot even commit a small perfect-crime, without remembering it, and leaking it later in time, to a police.
And I'm living at the bottom, in poverty.
"A man who has 20M makes... this much money per year....  A man born with $400 dollars makes this much a year...."
It's lunacy, Satanic death, absolute evil.
"The Americans are actually trying to convince me that rich people don't make more money than me; have special rights......" I could kill you absolutely for saying that.

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