Monday, October 13, 2014

Removing some apps - living

My life is determined by my intelligence - if I don't impress the USA, I'll die completely.
The rape comes into me, depending on what apps I'm using.
Don't forget that I was tortured to death for being a computer pirate.

Trying to remove:

-Skype [military]
And more.
Truthfully: I'm very confused, and I don't think I'll complete.... this...

Today is Columbus day....
I was antagonized by "heaven people" to write a letter to Columbia university.... on today.
My strong instinct says that there is major "new ideas" coming into my head from the galaxy and TIME. It just means that they're very smart and manipulated.
I was thinking... my brain is like a rotating ring. JONHAWAH  says that it's like "a DOME of terror" and power - and that it's fiercely smart. I THINK ---- it's actually very far away, and that's why it don't work.

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