Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Salva. maybe

-God person says "you're a m. sin for LYING." "Your soul itself is a liar, and you're going to be destroyed for being a LIAR." I feel as if "there is a giant whole in my head; of patriotism, and American dreams, and peasanthood; that cannot ever be removed; and it's an "anti-spiral" whereas my thinking is a spiral, and I cannot ever complete my sentence.
-The courts of the state of WASHINGTON say "you're a liar as well - and I've believed so for about 10 years now." "You don't have time ability; you especially don't have a soul; You have no truth ability; you have bad credit and you especially do not deserve any special treatment under the law."
You do not have the right to "not take medication." You do not deserve charity. "You especially need to get a job ASAP." "You do not have a right to visit your childhood home, if your fam is angry at you."

With this, I can live: The Fed is calling me a liar, for not having a soul, and not being important, and not having any defenses.
And the God is calling me a liar, for not believing in HUMANS, and trying to become an anti-human, and trying to find "free royalty," and "trying to become completely a soul."
AND: Christian filth of absolute evil and infinite robotic sin, are lying to me, 100s of times a day, and giving me insanity, terror, and sin.

I can immune to persecution, knowing that my life has been completely traumatized by massive peasant war, and lies, and major sin.

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