Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Small proof that I am sane....

Had a very negative interaction today:
-mental health people wondering if I'm sane
-My interaction with the mental health industry is lethal; I will die completely if I go near them.
-Or worse: my spine will break and I will become a child of christ

Angel has elaborated that there was major "good cop/bad cop"
-The woman [slightly dumb, and unattractive] was the angel
-The asian men was offensive, slighted and "the dead" [the fed monster]

I passed the test 80%
Although my willpower, and intelligence was degraded and destroyed about 60% through the meeting, and my mind grew cloudy and irrational. I feel very serious danger being around those people.
Some things we didn't agree on:
-Blood draws hurt me; they make me PAIN and childlike getting a needle in my brain
-Taking meds is bad - they don't even give me drugs to increase my mana; ie, drugs made for rich...
-The police are beasts and monsters: the torture done to me by police was very negative and ill-received [they didn't reply]
-The cure for poverty -> insanity -> death === money and creativity and LOVE.
-They wouldn't acknowledge anything that a peasant monster could not digest.... their overlord back at their office.

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