Thursday, October 2, 2014


A smart idea:
"GENEs are extremely important."
"I have "this destiny" based on my genes, and some men [without souls] have far higher abilities because of their genes."
"I'm a D**** and a [superior] gene person, but I've surpassed genes."
When I become a smart person [with money and protection], I am going to compare myself against all sorts of genes, and some people with superior genes to me , and then I'm going to subjugate them and add them to my estate and my soul cuba. Because I can't lose; I've already broken ****.
This is an epic, win, intelligent idea!!!!! +++
Of course, angels and time-people; can genetically create humans, and predict their money, and estates, and criminal history, very very accurately. Their tech is so much higher than what you know that the human has been made irrelevant.
MASSIVE human irrelevance; 20 times true: 1 single man can never do anything important. It's the truth of IRE and Demons and Hell itself.
There are probably men who have taken the "1 man approach" the wrong path, and become the literal definition of psycho, fa***t, and loser person. I've seen them myself.

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