Thursday, October 9, 2014


I have some relationship with Oprah.
When I think about my dead father, I see her face above him; I think her genus is intelligence. "She wants to mediate "your problem [in the most insulting tones]"

Her name is "Truthful black billionaire."
Sometimes I think: she's the savior of humanity; a RICH, Black, billionaire [royalty] on the West Coast, at the end of Western Civilization. Just an idea. "The end of the American dream." For my family, it's very disregarding.

This advertisement, sent to me in my spam email [a message from HELL] is proof that TRUTH QUEEN OPRAH, is a LIAR.
-Advertisers are my enemy; I HATE Advertisers. They have social time computers, and they flip them upside down to piss off everyone.
-Oprah's face is next to a very amusing diagram. I was a little confused at first - not sure if it was joke or no. But I'm certain now: the picture is completely FAKE, and a little traumatizing: especially the bigger breast
-Smaller face, more beautiful hair
-Smaller waist, better shorts
-Darker skins

It has to be a joke.
Contradiction: "The drug is real." "The advertising is just different for dif. people." -Mom

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