Sunday, October 12, 2014

Some breakthroughs [still money-traumatized]

I went outside and patrol
I found a cool restar....
"CHAOS PRAYA" I'm looking forward to it. Gonna go tomorrow. Kent.    thai

Mindfire Corp [India]
I sent some mail to Mindfire, in Ind. I was very optimistic that "Siddhartha" was a manager. I read that.
I also saw something funny: "Sol Barer" is a CEO of some company back east. Gonna hit it.
I made a few searches for "corporation names that end with sol" [first I did -sol, !doh] and it was filtered. Gonna keep doing it.
SOL Corp.

I looked at it with my eyes, and my "TIME-sense" read and it, and it said "royal."
I was very pleased to find some candy. I'll look them up and use them.
Family breakdown is still happening.
I'll put money [hypo;sad] that I'll lose my money, my house, or go to jail.
I hate it. Sorcerer sure is going to eat a lot of pig meat when he comes back.

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