Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Some ideas about Go... D.... ---... D...

2 Truths about God:

-God is a work of fiction
-He is like "a meta of thousands of fictional heroes from the world"
-He is very mysterious
-God is real.... but so is Hollywood... and you think Hollywood is the God of the world, until 100 years later - when you realize "God is the god of the world."
"And that major hollywood actors" have the name of God in them.

--"I wonder what this means... is there a single organization in the world that truly hates God completely? A simple intelligent test: find all the names that God has used "in the Bible, and korean literature," and compare them with the names of popular actors and major hollywood producers.

If God truly is "blameless" and "spineless," and nobody can avowedly hate him 100%, then it makes sense that....

-God is so absolute and over powering that he is like 1:1000 the opposite of a human
-This is weird because a 6 foot tall human is almost nothing in the space of the Earth
-God is the "universal translator" that connects everyone, and ties our speech togeth
-God is the only one who can grow his fingers back [very important to me] and his teeth

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