Sunday, October 5, 2014

Some ideas

I think the truth about being a JINN/Genie is to talk very, very quietly in your head.
Also another idea I had: spend a LOT of time thinking about "your moment of soul-birth, when you 'just woke up', and your mind was filled with "christian control and conservatism." And know there is a MAJOR block there.
If you use sorcery and MIND to focus over and over on your moment of birth: would you gain power and control? Could you break the barrier down and make POWER? It's good.

What is GOD?

-All of the emotions that we feel - he has them way bigger
-All of the colors that exist in the space, with the full light: he has dozens of favorite colors, and each one of them has essays on them as to what they mean. He and his peers are "TRUE LIFE."
My idea was that, due to "tragedy of the galaxy" [shaking], nobody can live forever; but we CAN live for hundreds of years, and then die. That's good.
And we know that "our memory disappears, and our hatred and hearts disappear, and we are wronged by some force of memory." And that's when we know that "The God or the Dev is actually a memory or a TIME."
He might even be the "Anti-hostage Angel" or the Entity of extreme speed and time-separation; just waiting for him to TAKE YOU. Jamie says that "God" is a monkey with a 10 foot long finger, that exists just to rape your defenses and take you. That's the sort of extremist fag that he is.
I for one personally believe it is extremely bad.
BUT I also believe ;;;; that HEAVEN often picks people up from the Earth, and replaces them with "clones and genetic similes," and we cannot obviously tell the difference. I strongly feel this is true.
[Updated 10/6/14]
A new truth:
-My life is described as my interactions with the internet [Your memories of the internet, the interaction of internet[heaven] people with you -are the soul of your life on Earth.] maybe
-People can see me through my monitor, very easily; people from HEEEEEVAN
-My psychic journey, my sorcery, my mind lead me over and over again to conincidences.
For example, today: I had a SORCERER moment in the closet, and spent hours thinking about sorcery.
And then, I went to a website by my 2nd or 3rd fav. game company [Stardock] [which coincidentally is a space/heaven company], and then it turns out today, Oct. 6th, is when they release a preview of a new GAME: Sorcerer KING. It's just TOO MUCH COINCIDENCE.
"John Richards" on the radio this morning; it showed on the radio text. It turns out he's a "radio host."
But the real "John Richards*" is an American far*** and a royalty icon. A very Baaaaaad man.
I looked up his dis-ambiguous on wikip* and I thought "All of these people must be the same man; he's a huge soul that lives hundreds of lives." I believe it!

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