Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Some major work today: and progress

Wrote some essays; updated my websites ; combed through lawyer..

Did some major movie research today:
I'm VERY FIXED ON "THE MATRIX" and I think it's terrifying. Clearly I am part of it, maybe 80% of my life the past 2 years has been the Matrix....

The Matrix
TOR has a good page on it, but I couldn't finish it.
-NEO : ME, the new God
-Trinity : The God [apparently it's 100% real]  [I am now a Christian] [I think it's weird... because I don't find TRINITY to be appealing... maybe this is a character flaw?" But I do find TIME to be appealing...."
-Morpheus : The God of dreams [a trickster]
-Cypher: a computer hacker [and resentful of Morpheus] [A smart dude, but unpopular. A SOUL]
-Switch [a Scandinavian woman]
-Sentinels are another word for "SOULS" or "Government" They remind me of souls.
-The ORACLE: A truth and cookies person: "The God of TIME, my friend."
I am inside the Matrix.
-"It's hard to get any more obvious than that."
"It's hard to get any more obvious than that."

A beautiful Mind
-I know "GABRIEL" has something to do with it.
-John Nash isn't the same man as me: he's a little too "BRAINIAC" and not as good or rabbitlike or sane/smart as I am. I find it distasteful. 

Can't login to Second Life. Very disappointed. 

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