Saturday, October 4, 2014

Some notes

"What is a blood? Why is it so important?"
Me: "A person whose name is written down by the God of history [TIME]" "Somebody who existed."

"Why does the God of TIME [redund.] hate you so much."
"She's betrayed me [4 times out of 50] because she thinks "demon of truth" is not accurate; it's impossible for a demon [mult. definitions] to be a truth-protector." "You're more likely to be the "aschfire of hell" than a demon of truth."
I thought the term Aschfire of Hell was very amusing, and high, and divine, so I'm going to protect it.
I talked to "another God-personality before." The weird one from Dogma [clone].
She said "mysteriously" that "hell" was just his fav. word, and it's actually a hole.
It's just my favorite word.

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