Thursday, October 2, 2014

Some Smart2 + Aslan

The BRAIN and the conversation, and mind - they don't belong to you.
One of the most important things in the world: "Am I a "Sa***," am I the most important thing in the world, am I real?" We cannot discover very often.

I need to find a religion which cares about "the time threads" inside your hip bones.
Those are the ones that are real.
These are the ones that prioritize your health, your protection from blackmail, and the preservation of your soul and immortality more than anything.
I just registered as "ASLAN" on
Mommy [God] gave me this opportunity; although I didn't think of registering as it until today; something supern*
I did a "internet archive" search to see if the name was erased, or if it was removed recently. Nein.
Coincidentally, I am using a similar email address [aslanrich***].

I've always believed that the internet is "segmented," and that "the massive intelligence of bigotry and men" power the internet; the mastery of laws and authority created this world wide web. So it's very likely the name doesn't mean anything. I'm scared.

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