Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Something we all have in common:

All of us men of power - men of true souls and genie possession:

We love the man with the big mouth.
"The corporate icon with all honking huge teeth." Straight, flat, white, massive, block teeth. The same size and shape on top and bottom, all around.
I can't find
We love because he's a virtue [or sin..] within us; a man who challenged. I think I can get along with pow now...
Went to the church at night. Got caught on security cam [prob]. Was terrified of pola.
Had a very fun time; found the RUNE... was dazzled. No cars for 25 mins; it was a mircale [def. supernat. intervention] and then 2 bicycle people saw me, when I was looking at the sign.
Took all my clothes off in the rain - then stopped: because I'm undead, and my blood is fail, and I don't have any man left. Got my shirt off, and then cried.
Played a game, rearranging the rocks - joked about being a puzzle person in the slav. of Cairo.
Disappointed that is my only memory of ancient..... wald.
Shouted and joked. Quit it after a ....
Prayed to my favorite.. "dumb bird."

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